Question: Earlier in this chapter p 67 we mentioned a research

Earlier in this chapter (p. 67), we mentioned a research study demonstrating that alcohol consumption increases attractiveness ratings for members of the opposite sex (Jones, Jones, Thomas, & Piper, 2003). In the actual study, college-age participants were recruited from bars and restaurants near campus and asked participate in a “market research” study. During the introductory conversation, they were asked to report their alcohol consumption for the day and were told that moderate consumption would not prevent them from taking part in the study. Participants were then shown a series of photographs of male and female faces and asked to rate the attractiveness of each face on a 1–7 scale. The following data duplicate the general pattern of results obtained in the study. The two sets of scores are attractiveness ratings for one female obtained from two groups of males: those who had no alcohol and those with moderate alcohol consumption. Calculate the mean for each group. Does it
appear from these data that alcohol has an effect on judgments of attractiveness?

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