Early this year Scott Lowe age 54 became dissatisfied with
Early this year, Scott Lowe, age 54, became dissatisfied with the service he was receiving from the broker who managed his traditional IRA. He requested a distribution of the $48,200 balance in the account and received a check for this amount from the broker on May 23. Scott planned to roll the distribution over into a new IRA with a different broker. Before he could do so, he received news that his son-in-law had died in a hunting accident. Scott immediately traveled to his daughter’s home to console her and his grandchildren. During this period of trauma and confusion, Scott wrote a check for $48,200 to his new broker but failed to instruct the broker to put the money into an IRA. Instead, the broker invested it in a taxable money market account. Scott and his broker did not discover the mistake until late December. Must Scott include the $48,200 withdrawal in his gross income and pay a $4,820 premature withdrawal penalty?
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