Edwin Graning is an ordained Christian minister who is opposed
Edwin Graning is an ordained Christian minister, who is opposed to abortion on religious grounds. He also worked for the Capital Area Rural Transportation System as a bus driver. He did not drive a fixed route; instead, Graning's bus acted more like a taxi, picking up riders in the nonurban areas around Austin, Texas, at the instruction of a central dispatcher, and delivering them to specified locations. In January 2010, Graning was dispatched to pick up several women and take them to a Planned Parenthood clinic. Graning called his supervisor to inform her that "in good conscience, [I can] not take someone to have an abortion" and that, in taking women to Planned Parenthood, he was concerned that he might be transporting a client to undergo an abortion. His supervisor responded that either he could pick up the women and take them to Planned Parenthood or he could resign. Graning did not want to quit his job, but he refused to drive the women to the clinic. As a result, he was told to drive his bus back to the office. When he arrived there, he was fired. Did the Capital Area Rural Transportation System violate Title VII by refusing to accommodate Graning's religion? What additional facts might help you in making a determination?

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