Question: Electronic Car Group ECG a firm specializing in the

Electronic Car Group ( ECG), a firm specializing in the diagnosis of automo-bile engine problems, is planning to open a new service center with two diag-nostic bays. Based on the experience at other ECG facilities, it has been found that the diagnostic service time is a uniform distribution between 40 and 60 min-utes. Based on its historical experience and the demographics of the new loca-tion, ECG believes the average time between customer arrivals will be 60 minutes with a negative exponential distribution. Simulate eight hours ( 480 minutes) of operations with a two- bay facility, recording the waiting time of customers. ECG expects customers will wait while their cars are being diagnosed and plans to pro-mote an unconditional guarantee that customers who wait more than 60 minutes will receive a gift certificate. From your simulation, how many gift certificates do you expect to give out per day?

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