Eleven prisoners of war during the war in Croatia were evaluated for neurological impairment after their release from a Serbian detention camp (Collegium Antropologicum, June 1997). All 11 experienced blows to the head and neck and/or loss of consciousness during imprisonment. Neurological impairment was assessed by measuring the amplitude of the visual evoked potential (VEP) in both eyes at two points in time: 157 days and 379 days after their release. (The higher the VEP value, the greater the neurological impairment.) The data on the 11 POWs are shown in the accompanying table and saved in the POWVEP file. Determine whether the VEP measurements of POWs 379 days after their release tend to be greater than the VEP measurements of POWs 157 days after their release. Test, using a = .05.

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