Question: Enter the tables in Table 4 15 into a relational DBMS

Enter the tables in Table 4-15 into a relational DBMS package. Write queries to answer the following questions. Note: For some questions, you may have to create two queries—one to calculate a total and the second to answer the question asked.
a. Which customers (show their names) made purchases from Martinez?
b. Who has the largest credit limit?
c. How many sales were made in October?
d. What were the item numbers, price, and quantity of each item sold on invoice number 103?
e. How much did each salesperson sell?
f. How many customers live in Arizona?
g. How much credit does each customer still have available?
h. How much of each item was sold? (Include the description of each item in your answer.)
i. Which customers still have more than $1,000 in available credit?
j. For which items are there at least 100 units on hand?

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