Ethan Allen Interiors Inc is a leading manufacturer and retailer
Ethan Allen Interiors, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and retailer of furniture and home decorating accessories. Its company-owned operations include sawmills, manufacturing plants, and retail stores. Classify each of the following product costs as direct materials, indirect materials, direct labor, indirect labor, or other manufacturing overhead.
a. Maple logs purchased and cut in the sawmill
b. Foam used in stuffing sofa cushions
c. Silk brocade fabric used to upholster chairs
d. Wages paid to the woodworkers who assemble dresser drawers
e. Glue used to strengthen the bed frame joints
f. Staples used to secure upholstery fabric to the chair seats
g. Electricity to heat and light the factory
h. The sawmill foreman’s salary
i. Wages paid to the forklift operator in the raw materials warehouse
j. Depreciation on factory equipment

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