Question: Evaluate Skywark s internal controls Evaluate how well Rich handled the

Evaluate Skywark’s internal controls.
Evaluate how well Rich handled the problem with Mark.
Rich Skywark is the owner of Skywark Hardware and Electric a family owned business, in the College Station, Pennsylvania, area. His business consists of over-the-counter retail sales and discounted sales of building materials to local contractors. Sales to contractors consist mostly of specialized lumber and electrical supplies that are not available through the area’s larger suppliers of building materials and electrical parts.
Most contractor customers have established accounts and place orders over the phone or the Web. However, contractors also visit the store to make purchases, sometimes purchasing on account and other times paying in cash. Retail customers pay only in cash.
Next to the front door is a long glass counter area with items that are sold from both inside the counter and the wall behind it. Two cash registers sit on the counter, and at least one of the two is open and in operation at all times during business hours.

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