Question: Evaluate the following P S s Will they motivate readers to read

Evaluate the following P.S.’s. Will they motivate readers to read the whole messages if readers turn to them first? Do they create a strong ending for those who have already read the message?
1. P.S. It only takes one night’s stay in a hotel you read about here, one discounted flight, one budget-priced cruise, or one low-cost car rental to make mailing back your Subscription Certificate well worth it.P.P.S. About your free gift! Your risk-free subscription to CONSUMER REPORTS
TRAVEL LETTER comes with a remarkable 314-page book as a FREE GIFT.
2. P.S. Help spread the tolerance message by using your personalized address labels on all your correspondence. And remember, you will receive a free Teaching Tolerance magazine right after your tax-deductible contribution arrives.
3. P.S. Every day brings more requests like that of Mr. Agyrey-Kwakey—for our “miracle seeds.” And it’s urgent that we respond to the emergency in Malaysia and Indonesia by replanting those forests destroyed by fire. Please send your gift today and become a partner with us in these innovative projects around the world.
4. P.S. Even as you read this letter, a donated load of food waits for the ticket that will move it to America’s hungry. Please give today!

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