Question: Evaluate the following subject lines Is one subject line in

Evaluate the following subject lines. Is one subject line in each group clearly best? Or does the “best” line depend on company culture, whether the message is a paper memo or an e-mail message, or on some other factor?
1. Subject: Request
Subject: Why I Need a New Computer
Subject: Increasing My Productivity
2. Subject: Who Wants Extra Hours?
Subject: Holiday Work Schedule
Subject: Working Extra Hours During the Holiday Season
3. Subject: Student Mentors
Subject: Can You Be an E-Mail Mentor?
Subject: Volunteers Needed
4. Subject: More Wine and Cheese
Subject: Today’s Reception for Japanese Visitors
Subject: Reminder
5. Subject: Reducing Absenteeism
Subject: Opening a Day Care Center for Sick Children of Employees
Subject: Why We Need Expanded Day Care Facilities

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