Question: Evaluate the following survey designs a A text message survey asking the

Evaluate the following survey designs:
a. A text-message survey asking the potential respondent to indicate with yes or no responses whether they are driving or not, whether they are alone, whether they believe the roads in their area can adequately handle traffic, whether more money should be devoted to better roadways, whether or not traffic is adequately policed, and whether or not automatic cameras should be used to issue speeding tickets. The sample is drawn from people who have agreed to be contacted via mobile phone regarding their new Subaru purchase.
b. A shopping mall that wishes to evaluate its image places packets including a questionnaire, cover letter, and stamped return envelope in the mall where customers can pick them up if they wish.
c. An e-mail message is sent asking respondents to complete a questionnaire on a website. Respondents answer the questions and then have the opportunity to play a slot-machine game on the website. Each respondent is guaranteed a monetary incentive but has the option to increase it by repeatedly playing the slot-machine game.
d. A mall-intercept interviewing service is located in a regional shopping center. The facility contains a small room for television and movie presentations. Shoppers are used as sampling units to evaluate television commercials. However, mall-intercept interviewers recruit additional subjects for television commercial experiments by offering them several complimentary tickets for special sneak previews of movies. Individuals contacted at the mall are allowed to bring up to five guests. In some cases, respondents try to sell their complimentary tickets through Facebook and Craig’s List posts. subscribers in the United Kingdom, France and the United States.
e. Time magazine opts to conduct a mobile-phone survey rather than mail survey for a study to determine the demographic characteristics and purchasing behavior of its

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