Question: Evaluate the information in each of the following situations as

Evaluate the information in each of the following situations as being either an internal control
(1) Strength,
(2) Weakness, or
(3) Not a strength or weakness.
1. Springtown Pediatrics’ office manager approves the extension of credit to patients and also authorizes write-offs of uncollectible accounts.
2. Springtown Pediatrics’ office manager may extend credit based on special circumstances rather than using a formal credit search and established credit limits.
3. Springtown Pediatrics extends credit rather than requiring cash or insurance in all cases.
4. The computer software package cannot be modified by the employees of the practice.
5. None of the employees who generate revenues or record revenues are able to write checks.
6. Computer passwords are known only by the individual employees and the managing partner, who has no recordkeeping responsibilities.
7. Individual pediatricians document the services they perform on pre-numbered reports that are used for both recording revenues and patient receipts.
8. Insurance coverage is verified by the office manager before medical services are rendered.
9. The bank reconciliation is prepared by an independent CPA firm.
10. The sequence of pre-numbered service reports are accounted for on a monthly basis by an independent CPA firm.
11. The second accounting clerk receives cash and checks and prepares the daily deposit.
12. The second accounting clerk maintains the accounts receivable records and can add or delete receivables information on the PC.
13. The second clerk receives the cash and checks and also records cash receipts.
14. Springtown Pediatrics is involved only in medical services and does not have diversified business operations.

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