Question: Ever wanted to know the weight of your catch but

Ever wanted to know the weight of your catch, but didn’t have a scale? Measure a Muskellunge from the snout to the tip of the tail.The following weights are averages taken from fish collected by DEC fish management crews from across New York State.
a. Examine the data and find an approximate pattern for weight gain by inch length for each kind of fish.
b. Explain why the weights cannot be used as given, specifically why 9 lb 4 oz is not 9.4 lbs. Fix the weights so that they are expressed in terms of one unit of measure.
c. Construct a scatter diagram for Muskellunge lengths and weights.
d. Do the points seem to follow a straight line? Explain.
e. What is it about the fish being longer that causes the path of points to be concave up?
f. Calculate the linear correlation coefficient.
g. Explain why the value of r is so close to 1.0 and yet, graphically, the data do not appear to be linear.

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