Question: Every year Fortune Magazine lists the 100 best companies to

Every year, Fortune Magazine lists the 100 best companies to work for, based on criteria such as pay, benefits, turnover rate, and diversity. In 2013, the top three were Google, SAS, and CHG Healthcare. Of the top 30, 11 experienced double-digit job growth (10% or more), 16, single-digit growth (1% to 10%), 2 had no growth, and Google did not report. Of the bottom 30, only 5 experienced double-digit job growth, 16 had single-digit growth, and 9 had no growth or job loss. Ignoring Google, is job growth in the best of the best places to work different from job growth in the bottom of that elite list?
a) Select the appropriate procedure.
b) Check the assumptions.
c) State the hypotheses.
d) Test an appropriate hypothesis and state your results.
e) Interpret the meaning of the results and state a conclusion.

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