Everyone managers and hourly employees alike who goes to work f
Everyone––managers and hourly employees alike–who goes to work for Hard Rock Café takes Rock 101, an initial 2-day training class. There they receive their wallet-sized “Hard Rock Values” card which they carry at all times. The Hard Rock value system is to bring a fun, healthy, nurturing environment into the Hard Rock Café culture. This initial course and many other courses help employees develop both personally and professionally. The human resource department plays a critical role in any service organization, but at Hard Rock, with its “experience strategy,” the human resource department takes on added importance.

Discussion Questions
1. What has Hard Rock done to lower employee turnover to half the industry average?
2. How does Hard Rock’s human resource department support the company’s overall strategy?
3. How would Hard Rock’s value system work for automobile assembly line workers?
4. How might you adjust a traditional assembly line to address more “core job characteristics?

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