Question: Examine Figure which contains the REA model for Hera Industrial

Examine Figure which contains the REA model for Hera Industrial Supply (HIS). The model is partially completed; it includes all entities and relationships, but it does not include cardinalities or descriptions of the relationships (which would appear in diamonds on the connecting lines between entities). HIS sells replacement parts for packaging machinery to companies in several states. HIS accepts orders via telephone, fax, and mail. When an order arrives, one of the salespersons enters it as a sales order. The sales order includes the customer’s name and a list of the inventory items that the customer wants to purchase. This inventory list includes the quantity of each inventory item and the price at which HIS is currently selling the item. When the order is ready to ship, WIS completes an invoice and records the sale. Sometimes, inventory items that a customer has ordered are not in stock. In those cases, HIS will ship partial orders. Customers are expected to pay their invoices within 30 days. Most customers do pay on time; however, some customers make partial payments over two or more months. List each entity in the REA model, and identify it as a resource, event, or agent. Using Microsoft Visio, redraw the REA model to include the diamonds for each relationship and include an appropriate description in each diamond.

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