Examine Note 20 to Shoppers financial statements entitled Long Term Debt
Examine Note 20 to Shoppers' financial statements entitled Long-Term Debt and respond to the following questions:
a. How much long-term debt did Shoppers have on December 31, 2011? How much of the long-term debt was current? Why is it valuable to know the portion of long term debt that's current?
b. How much of the Series 2 medium-term notes was outstanding on December 31, 2011? What is the interest rate on the Series 2 notes and when do they mature?
c. What is the available amount of Shoppers revolving term credit facility? How much of the credit facility was used as of December 31, 2011? (Be sure to read the text at the bottom of the note.) Why is the amount used different from the amount reflected in the financial statements for the facility (this is a hard question!)?
d. How does the information in the note help you evaluate Shoppers' financial position better than having only the information on the balance sheet?

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