Example 1 at the beginning of this chapter mentioned a study to compare customer satisfaction at service centers in San Jose, California; Toronto, Canada; and Bangalore, India. Each center randomly sampled 100 people who called during a two-week period. Callers rated their satisfaction on a scale of 0 to 10, with higher scores representing greater satisfaction. The sample means were 7.6 for San Jose, 7.8 for Toronto, and 7.1 for Bangalore. The table shows the results of conducting an ANOVA.
a. Define notation and specify the null hypothesis tested in this table.
b. Explain how to obtain the F test statistic value reported in the table from the MS values shown, and report the values of df1 and df2 for the F distribution.
c. Interpret the P-value reported for this test. What conclusion would you make using a 0.05 significance level?
Customer satisfaction with outsourcing

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