Example 1 6 gave the accompanying data on violent crime on
Example 1.6 gave the accompanying data on violent crime on college campuses in Florida during 2005 (from the FBI web site):
a. Construct a dotplot using the 14 observations on number of violent crimes reported. Which schools stand out from the rest?
b. One of the Florida schools only has 692 students and a few of the schools are quite a bit larger than the rest. Because of this, it might make more sense to consider a crime rate by calculating the number of violent crimes reported per 1000 students. For example, for Florida A&M University the violent crime rate would be
Calculate the violent crime rate for the other 13 schools and then use those values to construct a dotplot. Do the same schools stand out as unusual in this dotplot?
c. Based on your answers from parts (a) and (b), write a couple of sentences commenting on violent crimes reported at Florida universities and colleges in 2005.
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