Question: Example 8 in Section 9 3 and Exercise 10 87 in Chapter

Example 8 in Section 9.3 and Exercise 10.87 in Chapter 10 described a study that used therapy to treat teenage girls who suffered from anorexia. The girls were randomly assigned to the cognitive behavioral treatment (Group 1) or to the control group (Group 2). The study observed the weight change after a period of time. The output shows results of a nonparametric comparison.
a. Interpret the reported point estimate of the difference between the population medians for the weight changes for the two groups.
b. Interpret the reported confidence interval, and summarize the assumptions on which it is based.
c. Report a P-value for testing the null hypothesis of identical population distributions of weight change. Specify the alternative hypothesis, and interpret the P-value.
MINITAB output comparing weight changes

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