Examples 2 and 6 described a study about therapeutic touch (TT). A second run of the same experiment in the study used 13 TT practitioners who had to predict the correct hand in each of 10 trials.
a. Defining notation, set up hypotheses to test that the probability of a correct guess is 0.50 against the TT practitioners’ claim that it exceeds 0.50.
b. The 130 trials had 53 correct guesses. Find and interpret the test statistic.
c. Report the P-value. (Since the sample proportion is in the opposite direction from the practitioners’ claim, you should get a P-value 7 0.50.) Indicate your decision, in the context of this experiment, using a 0.05 significance level.
d. Check whether the sample size was large enough to make the inference in part c. Indicate what assumptions you would need to make for your inferences to apply to all TT practitioners and to all subjects.

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