Excel Assignment Procurement Expenditure Analysis A company has prepared
Excel ® Assignment: Procurement Expenditure Analysis.
A company has prepared a spreadsheet that contains 3 years of procurement expenditures for its four sales groups: electronics, computers, appliances, and furniture. Several rows of this spreadsheet are illustrated.

Download the spreadsheet file titled “chapter_ 9_ 78” from the text-book Web site. Compute column totals for each year and the 3- year summary totals for each group/ category row. Then prepare an evalua-tion of these 3- year anevalua-tionofthese3-year summary totals by comparing each to the amounts in the following table and entering the descriptive result ( i. e., “ aver-age,” “ excellent,” etc.) into the spreadsheet column that is next to the column containing the 3- year summary totals for each group/ category that you calculated.

The evaluation can best be accomplished by using the VLOOKUPfunction.
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