Exercise 18.11 is an extension of Exercise 18.10.
The following information pertains to May activity in Accessory World’s Coating Department:

a. Compute how many cut mat sets were started in the Coating Department during May.
b. Prepare a schedule showing:
(1) The number of mat sets transferred out of the Coating Department in May, and
(2) The number of mat sets started and completed by the Coating Department in May.
c. Compute the equivalent units of input resources for the Coating Department in May.
d. Compute the cost per equivalent unit of input resource for the Coating Department in May.
e. Prepare the summary journal entry required to transfer the cost of finished mat sets from the Coating Department’s Work in Process Inventory to the company’s Finished Goods Inventory in May.
f. Compute the total cost assigned to the Coating Department’s ending inventory in process on May31.

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