Exhibit EP9 6 contains an arrangement of examples of transaction errors lettered
Exhibit EP9–6 contains an arrangement of examples of transaction errors (lettered a – g) and a set of auditee control procedures and devices (numbered 1–15). You should photocopy. Exhibit EP9–6 to use for completing the requirements of this question

a. Opposite the examples of transaction errors lettered a – g in Exhibit EP9–6, write the name of the control objective organizations wish to achieve to prevent, detect, or correct the error.
b. Opposite each numbered control procedure, place an X in the column that identifies the error(s) the procedure is likely to control by prevention, detection, or correction.
c. For each error/control objective, identify the financial statement assertion most benefitted by the control.
d. For each company control procedure numbered 1–15 in Exhibit

Write an auditor’s control test that could produce evidence on the question of whether the company’s control procedure has been installed and is operating effectively.

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