Question: Explain how each of the following items is reported in

Explain how each of the following items is reported in a complete set of financial statements, including the accompanying notes. (In one or more cases, the item may not appear in the financial statements.) The answer to the first item is provided as an example.
a. Cash equivalents.
b. Cash in a special fund being accumulated as legally required for the purpose of retiring a specific long-term liability.
c. Compensating balances.
d. The amount by which the current market value of securities classified as available for sale exceeds their cost.
e. The Allowance for Doubtful Accounts.
f. The accounts receivable turnover rate.
g. Realized gains and losses on investments sold during the period.
h. Proceeds from converting cash equivalents into cash.
i. Proceeds from converting investments in marketable securities into cash.
Example: a. Cash equivalents normally are not shown separately in financial statements. Rather, they are combined with other types of cash and reported under the caption “Cash and Cash Equivalents.” A note to the statements often shows the breakdown of this asset category.

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