Explain the source of bias in each of the following
Explain the source of bias in each of the following, and revise to remove the bias.
1. We recommend hiring Jim Ryan and Elizabeth Shuman. Both were very successful summer interns. Jim drafted the report on using rap music in ads, and Elizabeth really improved the looks of the office.
2. All sales associates and their wives are invited to the picnic.
3. Although he is blind, Mr. Morin is an excellent group leader.
4. Unlike many blacks, Yvonne has extensive experience designing web pages.
5. Chris Renker
Pacific Perspectives
6300 West Corondad Blvd.
Los Angles, CA
6. Enrique Torres has very good people skills for a man.
7. Parenting 2012 shows you how to persuade your husband to do his share of child care chores.
8. Mr. Paez, Mr. O’Connor, and Tonya will represent our office at the convention.
9. Sue Corcoran celebrates her 50th birthday today. Stop by her cubicle at noon to get a piece of cake and to help us sing “The Old Grey Mare Just Ain’t What She Used to Be.”
10. Because older customers tend to be really picky, we will need to give a lot of details in our ads.

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