Facts: The researcher is analyzing a problem involving the sale of goods on credit in state A.
Authority: The following authority has been located concerning the problem:
1. State A's Uniform Commercial Code Act
2. State A's Consumer Credit Act
3. State B's Uniform Commercial Code Act
4. A federal statute—Consumer Credit Act
5. Iron v. Supply Co.—a decision of the highest court in state A
6. Milk v. Best Buy, Inc.—a decision of the highest court in state B
7. Control Co. v. Martin—a decision of an intermediary court of appeals in state A
8. Lesley v. Karl Co.—a decision of a trial court in state A
9. Irene v. City Co.—a federal case involving the federal Consumer Credit Act
10. Regulations adopted by state A's Corporation Com¬mission that apply to consumer credit and the sale of goods
11. Restatements of the Law defining sales, consumer credit, and other terms related to the problem
12. An ALR reference that directly addresses the issues in the case

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