Question: Fan Base FB operates a megastore featuring sports merchandise It

Fan Base (FB) operates a megastore featuring sports merchandise. It uses an EOQ decision model to make inventory decisions. It is now consider ing inventory decisions for its Los Angeles Galaxy soccer jerseys product line. This is a highly popular item. Data for 2013 are:
Expected annual demand for Galaxy jerseys...... 10,000
Ordering cost per purchase order.......... $200
Carrying cost per year.............. $ 7 per jersey
Each jersey costs FB $40 and sells for $80. The $7 carrying cost per jersey per year comprises the required return on investment of $4.80 (12% $40 purchase price) plus $2.20 in relevant insurance, handling, and theft-related costs. The purchasing lead time is 7 days. FB is open 365 days a year.
1. Calculate the EOQ.
2. Calculate the number of orders that will be placed each year.
3. Calculate the reorder point.

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