Question: Fatima is a second year university student Last year she lived

Fatima is a second-year university student. Last year she lived in residence, but this year she has rented a room in a house with a number of friends. As of the end of September, Fatima has $8,000 in her bank account to cover her expenses until the end of May, when she will return home for the summer. Fatima is concerned that she isn’t managing her money as well as she could. She has already covered major costs like her tuition for the full year, furniture, and laptop. She decides to monitor her spending for the next month to get an idea of where her money is going. She records her daily \spending in a spreadsheet. Her spending summary for October is shown below:

Prepare a statement that organizes the information from the month’s spending in a useful way. Explain why you organized the information the way that you did. How is this information useful? What advice would you give toFatima?

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