Figure is a systems flowchart for the first few steps
Figure is a systems flowchart for the first few steps in an order entry process. Some but not all of the controls have been annotated on the flowchart. Figure is a partially completed control matrix for the sys-tem in Figure. Some controls are not on the matrix at all. For some controls, not all of the cells have been completed. Exhibit is a partially completed set of explanations of the cell entries in Figure.

a. Annotate the flowchart to indicate additional present and missing controls. (Some controls that are on the matrix are not annotated on the flowchart. Others are missing from both the flowchart and the matrix.)
b. Complete the control matrix by adding new controls (ones you added to the flowchart or ones that were on the flowchart but not on the matrix) and by adding cell entries to controls that are already on the matrix.
c. Complete the control explanations to reflect changes that you made to the flowchart andmatrix.
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