Find or determine the following from the information provided about TELUS:
a. What amount of property, plant, and equipment does TELUS report on its December 31, 2011 balance sheet?
b. What amount of goodwill does TELUS report on December 31, 2011?
c. What amount of property, plant, and equipment was disposed of or retired during fiscal 2011? What amount of accumulated depreciation was associated with the property, plant, and equipment that was disposed of or retired?
d. What amount did TELUS expense for depreciation and amortization during 2011?
e. What is the cost and carrying amount (net book value) of TELUS' network assets on December 31, 2011? What is the amount of accumulated depreciation associated with TELUS' network assets?
f. Over what period is TELUS depreciating its wireless site equipment?
g. How much cash did TELUS spend on the purchase of capital assets in 2011?
h. How much was TELUS' amortization expense for software in 2011?

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