First Printing and Copy Center has 4 more jobs to be scheduled, in addition to those shown in Example 3 in the chapter. Production scheduling personnel are reviewing the Gantt chart at the end of day 4.
Job D was scheduled to begin early on day 2 and to end on the middle o day 9. As of now (the review point after day 4), it is 2 days ahead of schedule.
Job E should begin on clay 1 and end on day 3. It was on time.
Job F was to begin on day 3 but maintenance forced a delay of 1 ½ days. The job should now take 5 full days. It is now on schedule.
Job G is a day behind schedule. It started at the beginning of day 2 and should require 6 days to complete.
Develop a Gantt schedule chart for First Printing and Copy Center.

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