Question: Fischer Company s purchasing manager Antonio Sezer is preparing a purchases

Fischer Company’s purchasing manager, Antonio Sezer, is preparing a purchases budget for the next quarter. At his request, Willy Filhiol, the manager of the sales department, forwarded him the following preliminary sales budget.

For budgeting purposes, Fischer estimates that cost of goods sold is 75 percent of sales. The company desires to maintain an ending inventory balance equal to 20 percent of the next period’s cost of goods sold. The September ending inventory is $80,000. Fischer makes all purchases on account and pays 70 percent of accounts payable in the month of purchase and the remaining 30 percent in the following month. The balance of accounts payable at the end of September is $75,000.

a. Prepare an inventory purchases budget for October, November, and December.
b. Determine the amount of ending inventory Fischer will report on the end-of-quarter pro forma balance sheet.
c. Prepare a schedule of cash payments for inventory for October, November, and December.
d. Determine the balance in accounts payable Fischer will report on the end-of-quarter pro forma balancesheet.

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