Question: Fiscus age 23 entered into an oral contract with Badger

Fiscus, age 23, entered into an oral contract with Badger, a 30-year-old bricklayer, for the construction of a backyard barbecue for a fee of $ 300. The work was completed in two weeks, as agreed.
a. Is there an offer and an acceptance? a. __________
b. Is this a valid contract? b. __________
c. Are the parties competent? c. __________
d. Name the parties. d. __________
e. Is the purpose of the contract legal? e. __________
f. What is the purpose? f. __________
g. Is there consideration present? g. __________
h. What is the consideration? h. __________
i. Is there mutual agreement? i. __________
j. Explain the purpose of the contract. j. __________

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