Question: Flat Images develops and manufactures large state of the art

Flat Images develops and manufactures large, state- of- the- art flat- panel television screens that consumer electronic companies purchase and incorporate into a complete TV unit by adding the case, mounting brackets, tuner, amplifier, other electronics, and speakers. Flat Images has just introduced a new high- resolution, high- definition 60- inch screen. Flat Images is composed of two profit centers: Manufacturing and Marketing. Manufacturing produces sets that are sold internally to Marketing. Each profit center has the following cost structure:

The selling price that Marketing receives for each 60- inch screen depends on the number of screens sold that month, according to the following table: 13
Quantity Price
50 .......... $ 8,000
75 .......... 7,500
100 .......... 7,000
125.......... 6,500
150 .......... 6,000
175 .......... 5,500
200 .......... 5,000
225 .......... 4,500
250 .......... 4,000
275 .......... 3,500

a. Suppose that Manufacturing sets a transfer price for each screen at $ 4,800. How many screens will Marketing purchase to maximize Marketing’s profits (after Marketing pays Manufacturing $ 4,800 per screen) and how much profit will Marketing make?
b. At a transfer price of $ 4,800 per screen, and assuming Marketing buys the number of screens you calculated in part (a), how much profit is Manufacturing reporting?
c. At an internal transfer price of $ 4,800, and assuming Marketing purchases the number of screens you calculate in part (a), what is Flat Images’ profit?
d. Given the cost structures of Manufacturing and Marketing, and the price- quantity relation given in the problem, how many 60- inch screens should Flat Image manufacture and sell to maximize firm wide profits?
e. If (c) and (d) are the same, explain why they are the same. If they are different, explain why they are different.
f. What transfer price should Flat Images set to maximize firm wide profits? (Give a quantitativenumber.)

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