Fly-By-Night Couriers is analyzing the possible acquisition of Flash-in-the-Pan Restaurants. Neither firm has debt. The forecasts of Fly-By-Night show that the purchase would increase its annual aftertax cash flow by $390,000 indefinitely. The current market value of Flash-in-the-Pan is $7 million. The current market value of Fly-By-Night is $22 million. The appropriate discount rate for the incremental cash flows is 8 percent. Fly-By-Night is trying to decide whether it would offer 30 percent of its stock or $9 million in cash to Flash-in-the-Pan.
a. What is the synergy from the merger?
b. What is the value of Flash-in-the-Pan to Fly-By-Night?
c. What is the cost to Fly-By-Night of each alternative?
d. What is the NPV to Fly-By-Night of each alternative?
e. What alternative should Fly-By-Night use?

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