Question: Follow the directions in Problem 5 11 to access Excel s drawing

Follow the directions in Problem 5-11 to access Excel’s drawing tools, and then re-create the two program flowcharts shown in Figure 5-21.
Draw each flowchart on a separate work sheet. Rename the first sheet “Main” and the second sheet “Sub.” To embed text inside a symbol, right-click on that symbol with your mouse and then choose “Edit Text” from the dropdown menu that appears. To center text inside a symbol, highlight the text and then click on the centering icon in the main toolbar.
Create the words “Yes” and “No” that appear in this flowchart using the Text Box selection from the Insert menu. To eliminate the black (default) borders around these words, right- click on a Text Box and select Format Shape.
Select the line color option and choose “No line” from the “Line Color” options on the right. Finally, you can fine-tune the position of any object by clicking on its border, holding the left button and dragging the text box.
After drawing these two flowcharts, we want to link them together. In this case, we want the user to click on the “Process Record” symbol in the main flowchart and then be able to view the second spreadsheet you’ve created on the alternate sheet. To create this link, right click on the “Process Record” symbol, and then select Hyperlink from the main menu.
Using Excel software and the skills described above, recreate the documents from the list below or the ones required by your instructor:
a. The context diagram in Figure 5-3.
b. The physical DFD in Figure 5-4.
c. The logical data flow diagram shown in Figure 5-5.
d. Link the DFD in Part c to a new DFD similar to Figure 5-6.
e. The document flowchart in Figure 5-8.
f. The system flowchart in Figure 5-11.
g. The process map in Figure 5-13.
h. The program flowchart shown in Figure 5-15.

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