Following are several duties performed by accountants a Valuation of investments b
Following are several duties performed by accountants.
(a) Valuation of investments
(b) Cost of goods manufactured calculation
(c) Production of intermittent reports for management
(d) Budgeting future production costs
(e) Income statement preparation
(f) Reporting historical data
(g) Valuation of work in process inventory
(h) Preparation of a statement of cash flows
(i) Determination of equivalent units of production
(j) Calculation of a depreciation schedule for a plant asset
(k) Preparation of a cost of goods sold schedule
(l) Preparation of a flexible budget for the calculation of a predetermined overhead rate
For each duty, indicate whether it would be performed by a financial or managerial accountant. If uncertain, provide an explanation of why that function could be performed by either a financial or managerial accountant.
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