Question: Following are several transactions that relate to Bultena Township for

Following are several transactions that relate to Bultena Township for the fiscal year 2012 (assume a voucher system is not used). Prepare all the journal entries necessary to record these transactions in the appropriate governmental- type fund(s), and identify the fund(s) used.
1. The General Fund operating budget was approved. It included estimated revenues of $ 1,200,000, estimated other financing sources of $ 300,000, appropriations of $ 1,150,000, and estimated other financing uses of $ 100,000.
2. The Police Department paid its salaries of $ 50,000.
3. The General Fund made a transfer to a Debt Service Fund of $ 100,000. \
4. Office furniture previously ordered for $ 45,000 was received, and the bill was paid. Old furniture that cost $ 23,000 Oldfurni-turethatcost$23,000 was sold for $ 500; the proceeds could be used in any manner by the city.
5. The fire chief ordered $ 1,000 of supplies.
6. General obligation long- term debt principal matured, and the final interest payment became due. These amounts were $ 75,000 and $ 7,500, respectively. Assume a Debt Service Fund and a fiscal agent are used.
7. The appropriate amount of cash was sent to the fiscal agent to process the debt service payments described in the previous transaction.
8. The supplies ordered in transaction 5 arrived, along with an invoice for $ 1,025. The excess amount was approved, and a check was sent to the supplier.
9. The property tax for the year was levied by the General Fund. The total amount of the tax was $ 500,000. City officials estimated that 99 percent would be collected.
10. Collections of property taxes during the year totaled $ 490,000.
11. The remaining property taxes were classified as delinquent after $ 2,000 was written off as uncollectible.
12. The General Fund received a $ 1,000 interfund transfer from an Enterprise Fund (record only the General Fund portion).

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