Question: Following is a list of quality related activities Type Quality Activity

Following is a list of quality-related activities:
Type Quality Activity
____ 1. Inspection of units when they are 100% complete to remove defective units
____ 2. Designing a process with as few parts as possible to reduce the chance of defects
____ 3. Warranty costs for defective products returned to the factory for rework
____ 4. Reworking spoiled units before they leave the factory
____ 5. Costs to defend the company against lawsuits for damages caused by defective products
____ 6. Tracking number of defects for each manufacturing team and posting daily defect rates on a plant-wide bulletin board
____ 7. Redesigning a manufacturing process to lower the rate of defects

Mark each activity according to whether it pertains to the internal costs of prevention (P), appraisal (A), production (PR), or post sales (PS) costs.

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