Following is a random order listing of perspectives strategic objectives and
Following is a random-order listing of perspectives, strategic objectives, and performance measures for the balanced scorecard.
Internal business process
Learning and growth
Strategic Objectives
Acquire new customers
Increase shareholder value
Retain customers
Improve manufacturing quality
Develop profitable customers
Increase proprietary products
Increase information-system capabilities
Enhance employee skills
On-time delivery by suppliers
Increase profit generated by each salesperson
Introduce new product
Minimize invoice error rate
Performance Measures
Percentage of defective product units
Return on assets
Number of patents
Employee turnover rate
Net income
Customer profitability
Percentage of processes with real-time feedback
Return on sales
Average job-related training hours per employee
Return on equity
Percentage of on-time deliveries by suppliers
Product cost per unit
Profit per salesperson
Percentage of error-free invoices
Customer cost per unit
Earnings per share
Number of new customers
Percentage of customers retained
For each perspective, select those strategic objectives from the list that best relate to it. For each strategic objective, select the most appropriate performance measure(s) from the list.
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