Question: Following is a series of descriptions of organizations Indicate whether

Following is a series of descriptions of organizations. Indicate whether each scenario is more typical of a decentralized organization or a centralized organization.
a. Lawrence Company has a policy that they promote from within the company whenever possible. They have formal training programs for lower-level managers.
b. Balayet Corporation is divided into several operating units.
c. Two Turtles is a small independent store in Lethbridge, Alberta. The owner is also the manager of the store.
d. The managers at Veeson Company have the authority to make decisions about product offerings and pricing because Veeson Company wants its managers to be able to respond quickly to changes in local market demand.
e. Bobbins Crafts, Inc., wants to empower its managers to make decisions so that the managers’ motivation is increased and retention of managers increases.
f. Duplication of services caused the Baroud Company to “flatten” its organization structure. The Baroud Company now has a single Payroll Department, a single Human Resource Department, and a single administrative headquarters.
g. The Plastic Lumber Company, Inc., is managed by its owner, who oversees production, sales, engineering, and the other administrative functions.

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