Question: Following the large scale nuclear power plant failure in Japan

Following the large scale nuclear power plant failure in Japan, a StatCrunch survey was conducted in which respondents were asked about their level of concern over nuclear power and their political party. The data were coded so that 1 represented the lowest level of concern and 100 the greatest level of concern. See the following output. Do a complete analysis using ANOVA with a significance level of 0.05.
Do post-hoc tests based on the intervals given. Remember that an interval for a difference that captures 0 shows that there could be no difference in population means. Use the underlining method, listing the parties from the party with the lowest mean on the left to the party with the highest mean on the right, and underline any pairs or groups of three that are not significantly different. Finally, write your conclusions in sentences. For the purpose of this exercise, treat the respondents as a random sample of all StatCrunch users.

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