Following your retirement as senior vice president of finance for
Following your retirement as senior vice president of finance for a large company, you joined the board of Cayman Grand Cruises, Inc. You serve on the compensation committee and help set the bonuses paid to the company’s top five executives. According to the annual bonus plan, each executive can earn a bonus of 1% of annual net income.
No bonuses were paid in 2013 because the company reported a net loss of $6,588,000. Shortly after the end of the year, the compensation committee received a letter signed by all five executives, indicating that they felt the company had performed well in 2013. The letter identified the following items from the 2013 income statement that the executives felt painted a less favorable view of performance than was actually the case:

The letter asked the compensation committee to add these items back to the reported net loss and to then recalculate the bonus awards for 2013. The fiscal year 2013 income statement follows. Assume the tax rate is 30%.

1. As a member of the compensation committee, how would you respond to each suggested adjustment? Why?
2. What 2013 net income figure do you suggest be used to determine bonuses for theyear?
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