Foot Locker Inc is a large global retailer of athletic
Foot Locker, Inc., is a large global retailer of athletic footwear and apparel selling directly to customers and through the Internet. It includes the Foot Locker family of stores, Champs Sports, Footaction, CCS, and Eastbay. The following are several of Foot Locker’s investing and financing activities as reflected in a recent annual statement of cash flows.
a. Reduction of long-term debt.
b. Sale of short-term investments.
c. Issuance of common stock.
d. Capital expenditures (for property, plant, and equipment).
e. Dividends paid on common stock.

For each of these, indicate whether the activity is investing (I) or financing (F) and the direction of the effect on cash flows (+ for increases cash; - for decreases cash).

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