Question: For a lottery to be successful the public must have

For a lottery to be successful, the public must have confidence in its fairness. One of the lotteries in Maryland is Pick-3 Lottery, where 3 random digits are drawn each day.7 A fair game depends on every value (0 to 9) being equally likely at each of the three positions. If not, then someone detecting a pattern could take advantage of that and beat the lottery. To investigate the randomness, we’ll look at data collected over a recent 32-week period. Although the winning numbers look like three-digit numbers, in fact, each digit is a randomly drawn numeral. We have 654 random digits in all. Are each of the digits from 0 to 9 equally likely? Here is a table of the frequencies. (Maryland State Lottery Agency,
a) Select the appropriate procedure.
b) Check the assumptions.
c) State the hypotheses.
d) Test an appropriate hypothesis and state your results.
e) Interpret the meaning of the results and state a conclusion.

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