Question: For each chemical formula below an NMR spectrum is described

For each chemical formula below, an NMR spectrum is described, including relative overall areas (intensities) for the various signals given in parentheses. Draw the structure of a compound having the specific formula that would give the described NMR spectrum. (Hint: All of these formulas represent organic compounds. Lewis structures for organic compounds typically have all atoms in the compound with a formal charge of zero. This is the case in this problem.)
a. C2H3Cl3; NMR has one singlet signal.
b. C3H6Cl2; NMR has a triplet (4) and a quintet (2) signal.
c. C3H6O2; NMR has a singlet (1), a quartet (2), and a triplet (3) signal.
d. C5H10O; NMR has a heptet (1), a singlet (3), and a doublet (6) signal.
e. C3H6O; NMR has a triplet (3), a quintet (2), and a triplet (1) signal.

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