For each of the following accounts determine its classification on
For each of the following accounts, determine its classification on the balance sheet using the following classifications. Use OOE for other owners’ equity items that are not contributed capital or retained earnings. Put the letters in the spaces provided.
CA Current assets
LTL Long- term liabilities
INV Investments
OL Other liabilities
PPE Property, plant, and equipment
CC Contributed capital
INT Intangibles
RE Retained earnings
OA Other assets
OOE Other owners’ equity
CL Current liabilities
________ 1. Accounts Payable
________ 2. Accumulated Depreciation
________ 3. Bonds Payable
________ 4. Building
________ 5. Cash
________ 6. Common Stock
________ 7. Land Held for Speculation
________ 8. Marketable Securities
________ 9. Treasury Stock
________ 10. Wages Payable
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