Question: For each of the following activities identify the function the

For each of the following activities, identify the function the accountant is performing—scorekeeping, attention directing, or problem solving. Explain each of your answers.
1. Estimating the operating costs and outputs that could be expected for each of two large metal- stamping machines offered for sale by different manufacturers; only one of these machines is to be acquired by your company
2. Recording daily material purchase vouchers
3. Analyzing the expected costs of acquiring and using each of two alternate types of welding equipment
4. Preparing a report of overtime labor costs by production department
5. Estimating the costs of moving corporate headquarters to another city
6. Interpreting increases in nursing costs per patient-day in a hospital
7. Analyzing deviations from the budget of the factory maintenance department
8. Assisting in a study by the manufacturing vice president to determine whether to buy certain parts needed in large quantities for manufacturing products or to acquire facilities for manufacturing these parts
9. Preparing estimated costs for a new marketing campaign
10. Recording overtime hours of the product finishing department
11. Compiling data for a report showing the ratio of advertising expenses to sales for each branch store
12. Investigating reasons for increased returns and allowances for drugs purchased by a hospital
13. Preparing a schedule of fuel costs by months and government departments
14. Computing and recording end-of-year adjustments for expired fire insurance on the factory warehouse

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