Question: For each of the following cases indicate the filing status

For each of the following cases, indicate the filing status for the taxpayer(s) for 2014 using the following legend:
A – Single
B – Married, filing a joint return
C – Married, filing separate returns
D – Head of household
E – Qualifying widow(er)
Case Filing Status
a. Linda is single and she supports her mother
(who has no income), including paying all the
costs of her housing in an apartment across town. ____________________
b. Frank is single and he has a dependent child
living in his home. ____________________
c. Arthur is single and he supports his 30-year-old
brother, who lives in his own home. ____________________
d. Leslie’s final decree of divorce was granted on
June 18,2014. She has no dependents. ____________________
e. Tom and Carry were married on December 31, 2014. ____________________

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